May 2014

Family seeks answers from HPD in son’s death

By St. John Barned-Smith, Houston Chronicle

Moments after attending his son’s memorial service at a church in west Houston Friday, Doug Lewis said he was still trying to comprehend how his son died in police custody.  His message for Houston police was simple: “It’d be nice to hear what happened. I’d like to hear their version of events.”….

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Attorney Blames In-Custody Death on HPD Brutality

by Susan Starnes and Dennis Spellman, News 92 FM

(HOUSTON) — The family of a 40-year-old man who died in Houston Police Department custody is demanding answers through their attorney…

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March 2014

RadioA Man’s Revenge Cost Him $500,000

by S. Benson, News 92 FM

(HOUSTON) — A seven-year relationship went down in flames, and a vengeful ex took his battle online. That battle will cost him $500,000. Houston Attorney Joseph Mathew says his client’s former boyfriend had kept personal photos and videos of her that he posted on sites that cater to people who to want to humiliate their exes…

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February 2014

Sonia AzadHouston woman wins $500,000 in ‘revenge porn’ lawsuit

by Sonia Azad, ABC 13 News

A woman says that what she thought were private moments and photographs shared between her and her now ex-boyfriend ended up plastered on the Internet, so she took him to court and won. Now, her case could help spur a change in Texas law….

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Online newsUS woman wins $500K in revenge-porn suit against ex-boyfriend

by Lisa Vaas, Naked Security

In a court decision that could prompt a change in state law, a US woman in Houston, in the state of Texas, has been awarded $500,000 (£366,000) in a lawsuit she brought against her ex-boyfriend for plastering nude photos on the internet without her permission. Her attorney, Joseph Mathew, said that the court papers have been sealed to the public so as to protect his client…

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iStock_000003281420SmallJury awards $500,000 in ‘revenge porn’ lawsuit

by Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle

She thought their steamy Skype session was for his eyes only. But her college boyfriend sitting on the other side of the camera had hit the record button on his PC. After their years-long romance fizzled, he sought revenge, posting their Internet romp on porn websites. On Valentine’s Day, a Harris County jury awarded the woman $500,000 for emotional distress, agreeing with her attorney that she had suffered for her ex-boyfriend’s handiwork….

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