Revenge Porn – $0.5 Million Unanimous Jury Verdict (First and Largest Verdict in the Country)

“I have nothing but good things to say about Joe Mathew. I went to multiple lawyers hoping someone would take my case, and was turned away very often, or was required to pay a ridiculous amount of down payment, not guaranteeing anything. Everything happens for a reason, and I truly believe Joe was meant to take my case. Joe made me feel comfortable, in a very uncomfortable situation from the very beginning. He empathizes, when most can’t even sympathize. He bends over backwards to make sure he’s not only doing what he feels is best for the case, but also best for you. I am so proud to call him my attorney, and humbled to be able to also call him my friend. Words can’t express how highly I recommend Attorney Joe Mathew. I knew every step of the way I wouldn’t like to have anyone representing me but him, hands down. He is passionate about people, and his work and it shows.”

- “Rosie”

Assault with Deadly Weapon – Dismissed Grand Jury

“Joseph is a passionate attorney that truly cares about his clients. He showed genuine concern toward us and also counseled our family throughout the process. His honesty and integrity are invaluable traits which drew us to choose him. He took on the case as if it were his own. His heart is to fight for justice and that is evident through the countless hours he spent learning the details of the case. He never treated us as clients but as family. If you want someone who not only fights for you but with you, Joseph is your guy. He’s truly one of a kind and will be sure to fight with you to the very end.”


iStock_000000178397SmallPersonal Injury – $95,000 settlement

“I was driving on the freeway when I was injured by debris that flew through my windshield. The debris had fallen from a truck ahead and I wasn’t at fault for the accident. It was the first personal injury claim that I’ve ever had to deal with and I’m glad that I hired Joe Mathew as my attorney.  Joe was able to win a settlement for almost $100,000 which was three times the amount I was initially offered.  Joe has a great attitude and is always open with the client about the case.  I see him as more of a friend rather than just my attorney.  Since my settlement, I have recommended Joe to all of my family and friends.”


Home Owner’s Association Fight – Stopped Home from being Taken Away

“I was given Joe’s business card from an attorney sitting next to me in a courtroom. I was waiting for my name to be called for a lawsuit against my neighborhood association. At the time I thought I could handle this myself. Lucky for me the business card was for Joe. He fought for me and won. He made me feel I wasn’t alone, which was a great relief. Now he is working with me on another case and I am confident of the outcome. If you are in trouble and feel no one believes in you, call Joe. With his military background and his morals he will fight for you for the best outcome.”


“My friend was being harassed by his neighborhood association. No one would take his case. By the time we met Mr. Mathew we had lost all hope. But Mr. Mathew listened to my friend’s story and told us he would take his case even after many of Mr. Mathew’s colleagues said he was crazy to fight a neighborhood association. My friend won his case! If it had not been for Mr. Mathew and his belief in my friend, my friend would probably have lost his house. Mr. Mathew believed in us and because of that trust I would refer anyone who feels hopeless to Mr. Mathew. He will fight for you as if you were the most important person in his family.”


iStock_000013530484SmallCorporate Client

“Joe’s legal guidance has been a valuable asset to our business.  As a prominent manufacturing company, his help in negotiating complicated business contracts helped us maneuver through the complicated maze of contract law and especially lien laws. We were always glad to have Joe Mathew by our side assisting and guiding us in our legal matters.  We look forward to working with him for many more years to come.”

-A.P.A., C.F.O. – Manufacturing Firm, Houston 

Cannabis leaf on grunge background, shallow DOF.Possession of Marijuana – Case Dismissed

“I have been Mr. Joseph Mathew’s client for over three years. I have had a positive experience with his law firm. He is really good at what he does.  He put in all his effort and we got the case dismissed. The best thing about Mr. Mathew is that he works with you like you’re family.  I consult him for all legal matters and inquiries. He is very understanding and highly talented. He takes a detailed analysis of the scenario and goes the extra mile. I am thankful to Mr. Mathew for his service and support. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. God bless you.”


Possession of Marijuana – Case Dismissed

“I was involved in a drug case recently and Joseph Mathew couldn’t have been a better choice for an attorney. I was accused of possessing marijuana because a passenger in my car had it in his possession. I was wrongfully accused of this crime and it caused a lot of hardship on my family and I. Joe was very helpful and honest throughout the entire judicial process and was able to have the case dismissed.”